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Who is Plateo For?


For-profit and non-profit in order to manage events and organise content for the members.


Content creators who want to sell courses or educational material on-demand in a well-organised manner.

Educational Institutions

Universities, schools and colleges have different requirements and permission levels per user.


What We Offer

All Your Organisation Areas Connected 

Enjoy your own internal network where, depending on permissions, every person in the organisation can connect to another, share documents and media or create working or studying groups and book rooms, labs or study spaces. Connecting Parents, students, teachers, tutors, admin staff and even with people from other organisations via internal messaging, internal social network or Video conferencing.

All-In-One Solution

Data centralisation for better management and security.What if instead of having to login to 5 software you just logged in to one? We have LMS, CRM, HHMM, Finance, Helpdesk, Marketing and more modules to make sure that you have all the tools and software you need to work and increase your productivity and make better use of your time.

eCommerce and Payment Processing

From students' enrollment to selling books and events, you can process payments from students, staff and the public. Your own internal and external shops for selling, for example, one-off courses or events to the general public as well. Any payment online like monthly fees, merchandise, extracurricular courses or paid downloads.

Bespoke Configuration

You can configure the design, branding, and user experience as well as the integration with the software as required, plus you only choose the modules that you need. Set your own permissions for communication, sharing and many other functions. You are in total control of the access to data and people.​

Cloud Storage

We offer unlimited storage for each user, each department, faculty or any division of the organisation. You no longer need to back up your data so you save time and money on backup systems, file servers, or even your exchange server if you still have one. With no need for offline servers you will also save on hardware upgrades, maintenance and replacements.​


The intranet that puts internal communications and data management front and centre

Unite your entire organization - from the back office to the frontline - with the only intranet that allows all the departments and tools of your organization to connect, share and collaborate offline or online.

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

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Integrates Easily all Your Tools and Software

Plus Enjoy 
Unlimited Storage 
on Cloud

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